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Cutting Room & Boutique

Milo’s is an independent cutting room & boutique, a one-stop destination for those with an appreciation of style. Launched in 2000, the first shop was a hybrid of traditional barbershop values and a modern unisex salon. Today in our Brighton shop, united by one simple concept: to create a relaxing space where people can fine tune their style, with the latest cuts, a selection of luxury grooming products, clothing and accessories.

Our ethos

Put simply we want to bring something co-ordinated and classic to a complicated, often confusing, market. To encapsulate an attitude. Timeless style and aromas from well-travelled and experienced hands. Simplicity borne out of sophistication.

Milo’s Clothing collection

More recently Milo’s has launched a clothing collection inspired by Brighton’s nautical heritage, made in collaboration with iconic British menswear brand Burro, and manufactured in the UK.

Unisex grooming and styling products

The constant search for superior stock for his salons eventually led Milo to develop his own collection of products for shaving and hair care. By Milo has one goal; the constant pursuit of timeless, uncomplicated, exceptionally well-crafted products.

This holistic approach to style extends to keeping that hairstyles tamed, brilliant styling creams that offer control but leave the hair looking healthy and un-greasy.

Milo and Emma