With the leaves falling from the trees, we know that autumn has finally arrived. That means the new fashion season has dawned and for autumn 2018 there is a lot to talk about. One of the major things this season is that various little trends have been combined under a main theme. In this article we will be exploring the big 5 fashion themes for men that are definitely a welcome addition in any man’s closet.

1.    The nineties are here to stay

90s style autumn trendsOne of the big comebacks last spring was the nineties. Fanny packs, bucket hats and oversized sneakers. Be sure to mix bright colours together in order to stand out. This is definitely a change from what we have seen during past autumn trends, which were more low-key colours like grey and dark green. Another big one -literally – is logos. Wearing a hoodie or sweater with a big logo from the likes of Adidas or Tommy Hilfiger is definitely a good choice. It’s all about standing out in a crowd.

Even The Matrix is back this year, since leather trench coats have made a comeback. The only reason you’ll ever see me wearing this, however, is when I’d cosplay as Neo. As much as you’ll want to stand out, however, something soberer is available. You might as well combine your favourite Chucks with jeans and a checked shirt for a grungy look.

2.    Going back to the Wild West

Cue Will Smith’s Wild, Wild West because it’s back. Cowboy hats, shirts with patterned yokes, and patterned leather boots are all back this year. I’m afraid the most I’ll get out of this one is the most basic ensemble you can imagine: a white t-shirt, big buckle and jeans. Nothing much to say here, I think we all know what the rodeo looks like.

western styled outfit autumn trends

3.    Always prepped for a hike

One trend I never thought would rise to mainstream popularity within fashion, is hiking. Combining technical gear with some slick hiking boots seems to do the trick this season, though. The hiking trend autumn trendsrunways of London, Paris and Milan definitely saw their fair share of hiking boots and technical wear. And it isn’t just the high fashion gurus that said this style is in now, even the big chains like Zara are stocking them on their shelves. Preferably go for an oversized tech jacket. The smart ones among us will look around to look for a jacket with a woollen cap, killing two trendy birds with one stone.


Nonetheless, hiking being a trend in autumn does not mean you need to look as if you are going on a 5-hour hike. Just wearing some outerwear is already good enough to look fashionable. As it is the season for layers, I would go with a tech jacket, and a brown jersey underneath. For really cold weather I’d add a warm, woollen scarf and a sailor’s beanie. If you’re still looking for some techwear, definitely check out our canvas “Laboreurs” jacket in the store. With 30% off, it’s quite a steal.

4.    Leather it up, but suede is a’ight too

Paul with shearlingAs hinted to before, leather is definitely a good choice this season. Nonetheless, I don’t know how you guys feel about wearing leather trousers, but I’m suede trench coat autumn trendshonestly not a big fan. Still, leather isn’t all that bad. The cool thing about the leather trend are the jackets and coats, but obviously not the ‘Matrix’ kind. Bombers and pilot jackets, or a nice shearling are all great additions to the closet this season. Besides, investing in good quality leather means you’ll have a sweet-looking coat for the next couple years.


Aside from leather, suede is a good choice as well. Suede trench coats shown on the runways are all tres chic and will make you the most stylish man on the street. The fabric isn’t just represented on coats, though. Shoes and trousers are all solid alternatives.


4.    Checks & Pinstripes

Checkers are back for another run, once more proving they are a mainstay in mainstream fashion. The high fashion runways brought back the pattern in a significant way, though. Where they used to be small and plaid, fashion designers opted for oversized and tartan checks. It’s even better to layer them with different colours. You’ll find the motif everywhere! If you’re still looking for some tartan inspiration, look no further than this bag from Vivienne Westwood. This is a perfect example of how checks are being used nowadays.

checkered suit autumn trends

A more surprising return, however, are pinstripes. This print was almost pronounced dead last spring, but has come back with a vengeance. Pinstripe suits seem to be combined with a new trend within formal wear, which is a more relaxed style. You’ll notice a lot of broad shoulders and almost baggy trousers, allowing for more comfortable movement. Checked suits are definitely great in my book, showing a classy look that reminds you of the fifties. The broad-shouldered suits, however, remind me of Kanye and Lil’ Pump’s clip, I love it.

6.    Bonus: autumn colours

For those of you that read until the end, here’s a bonus tip! If you are still looking for a nice colour to wear this autumn, I would look no further than brown. The hue has taken over this season. Where lighter brown is more common on fabrics, the darker tones are saved for the likes of leather jackets. Aside from brown, darker shades of blue, or red are also safe horses to bet on. In the end the key for this season is to stand out in the crowd, just like the changing colours of the leaves.