John William Coltrane was a famous jazz saxophonist and composer. I thought talking about “The Trane” was a good idea since his newest album “Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album” just hit the stores. As the title suggest, the album harbours songs that were previously lost in 1963.

Made at the Van Gelder Studio in New Jersey, it’s astonishing to think that the tapes were lost after a move from Coltrane’s old record label ‘Impulse!’.

The record is 90 minutes of unheard recordings of his Quartet period, soon to be known as the “Classic Quartet”. Mono audio reels were found in the possession of his first wife Juanita Naima Coltrane.

Coltrane’s contract stipulated that he had to make two records per year. This may not seem unreasonable, but if you’re striving to repeat your past successes…(!) Strangely and amazingly he stockpiled his sessions having to consider what would sell.

It’s been announced that the album is Coltrane’s highest-charting release ever, reaching number 21 on the billboard chart.