Keeping a healthy beard isn’t an easy task. Previously, we wrote about the best way to grow a beard. Now, it’s time to give you some great knowledge about maintaining one. We have four tips, which combined create a nice little routine you can implement into your day-to-day life.

Trim it down from the neckline

Trimming can be quite time-consuming. But when you know what you’re doing, it doesn’t have to be. It’s all about picking your targets. The main ones for a quick job are the stray hairs above your cheeks and ear line. Where your moustache is concerned, I recommend using scissors for a more precise job. However, the biggest mistake tons of guys make when starting to grow out their fuzz, is trimming down from the jawline.

There is no bigger no-no than that. Having a beard is all about your facial proportions and if you trim down the jawline, you’ll get them all wrong. Your neck looks thicker and longer and your face smaller than usual. It can look absolutely ridiculous. Instead of the jawline, trim down your neckline. Go for the point where your chin meets the neck and trim for a U-shape. Basically, you trim everything away that is two fingers above your Adam’s apple.

If you’ve got some extra time, then Milo has a neat little barber’s trick for you: fade your beard with your neckline. This looks as if the beard nicely blends in, instead of ending rather abruptly. What you do is target the space above your Adam’s apple with a grade 4 on your clippers. Afterward only trim the lower finger with a grade 2, but leave the second finger at original length.

Wash and oil it up

Washing your beard is essential to keeping your hair and skin healthy. Beard shampoos are great for nutrients and skin care. Itches will disappear and your whiskers feel as soft as a baby’s bottom. However, be careful, washing your beard every day will dehydrate it and cause the old annoyances to come back.

Capt Fawcett Private stock beard oil 10ml - with dripper

After washing, it’s always best to apply a few drops of beard oil to your beard. The oil hydrates the hair again and supplies it with more precious nutrients. When you’re checking out beard oil, avoid the ones the incorporate sulfates, parabens or silicones. They make it harder to wash out all the chemicals. Instead, have a look at Capt. Fawcett’s Private Stock. It blends the essential oils and vitamins with jojoba seeds and almonds. Makes for a lovely smell as well.

Time to invest in a good comb

Combing your beard needs to be part of your daily routine. Nobody wants to walk around with a tangled, unruly beard. Besides, combing and brushing your beard will also teach the hair to grow in a certain direction. For your day to day needs a rat comb will do the trick for you.

Capt Fawcett Wild Boar Bristle Beard Brush (CF.933) (with box)

Nonetheless, for the most optimal result, you might want to invest in a good brush. To that regard, we recommend Kent brushes. They are slightly more expensive than your average brush but they’re made by true craftsmen. These only just arrived in our store too, so be sure to check out our range in our e-shop.

Use balm or wax to style

Just like your hair, your beard needs some styling too. Our last tip is to use beard balm and moustache wax to keep it all in place. The balm is exceptionally helpful once you’ve got that thick, long and unruly beard. Just like oil and shampoo, balm provides nutrients for those bristles on your chin. It’s as easy as taking a finger top of balm, rubbing it all out and comb to your leisure.

One last tip we’ll give you is to not use too much product. Using an excessive amount of product makes it quite hard to wash it all out. It’s important to remember that you should comb – and preferably trim – every day, but to wash, oil and balm it up every other day. Using all of these tips will keep your beard pristine condition. Instead of burning your significant other with a dry haystack, you’ll be tickling her pink.