It’s no wonder we added Capt. Fawcett into our product range. The brand gives off a vintage vibe, making it a perfect fit for Milo’s. We decided to stock up on some beard oil and brushes, both quality picks from Milo – the master barber himself.

Brushes for your ‘stache and beard

The first two on the list are our brushes. With the Capt. Fawcett Wild Boar Bristle Beard Brush and Moustache Brush you’re able to gain control over those bristles on the lower end of your face. On the one hand, these brushes are handcrafted from fine oak, bringing a lovely finish and nice design that fits perfectly into your palm. The use of thick boar hair, on the other hand, ensures that every bit of dirt is brushed away. Obviously, it’s best to use these brushes on a daily basis. The use of a brush or comb stimulates your hair follicles, which results in more hair growth. On top of that, your beard will develop a healthy shine after a while. The brushes are perfect for gaining that thick moustache and beard you’ve always dreamt of.

Essential organic oil

Aside from brushes we also added a pretty special beard oil to our range. Capt. Fawcett Private Stock Beard Oil is an organic oil that doesn’t use any preservatives or sulfates. That means the product doesn’t stick to your beard for days on end, which in turn prevents growth because your hair doesn’t get enough nutrients. The prime ingredient for this one is jojoba oil. This yellowish oil was commonly used in Arizona, Southern California, and northern Mexico, where Native Americans first started using it to treat wounds and sores.  Therefore, this beard oil isn’t only perfect for hydrating your beard after a wash but also treating the skin below. Aside from its beneficial effects, it also has a lovely citrus and wooden smell.

Capt. Fawcett’s is a company that’s made by and for beard lovers. They care for what they do and always blend the best ingredients and materials to form an amazing. That’s why we are certain the Captain is a good addition to your bathroom.