We provide a range of professional salon-based hair products. Created by hairdressers using only the best ingredients we stock Unite, O WAY and our very own range. By Milo products are individually crafted with natural ingredients specifically selected for their hair benefits. Whether you’re looking for texture, thickness or volume we have the perfect product for your style.

  • &EM Light Styling Cream 85g You can blow-dry the &Em in for a smoother finish. When not blow- drying, if applied when wet and left to dry naturally, it will leave your hair lightly textured. We’ve found that the cream, though not made specifically for it, will work especially well to pull together fine hair into a desired style.
  • 216 Flexible Moulding Spray 100ml
    • Flexibility gives style Controls and memory, leaving hair moisturised and smooth.
    • Gives light styling root boost.
    • Reduces blow-dry time.
    • Great for blowing in volume without weighing it down.
    • Great for all hair types.
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    GO24.7 product range Go 24-7 Cream Wax
    Tips: Great for Quiffs, Pompadour, Undercuts Cream wax : Can be used on damp or dry hair The softness of the wax is great for distribution. Build it up in lays doing so will allow you not to use to much.
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    GO24.7 product range Grooming Cream – GO24.7
    TIPS: Great for longer length hair styles. This is works well blowdryed leaving a very smooth finish . Good on dry or damp hair. Easy to comb or dust Through damp hair. Has a light hold with a natural finish
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    GO24.7 product range Pomade - GO24.7
    TIPS: Great for Quiff hair styles. Good on dry or damp hair. Easy to comb Through damp hair. Water-based Pomade with a smooth finish. Has a strong hold with a high shine finish
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    GO24.7 product range Styling Cream - GO24.7
    Tips: Great for Quiffs, Textured , Undercuts Cream wax : Can be used on damp or dry hair The softness of the wax is great for distribution. Build it up in lays using small amounts. This is matte in finish with a medium hold
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    GO24.7 product range Texture Paste – GO24.7
    Tip: Great for textured cuts on thick hair. Use on damp or dry hair. Easeir to control on damp hair. Build up in layers working evenly through your hair. This is the thickest product of the range with the strongest hold.
  • Timbre Thickening Forming Cream 85g Timbre is great for curls or straight hair. Experiment with applying at different points in your routine to achieve different results. The cream works just as well for slick or scruffy looks. Volume and shine without the heavy gunk.    
  • Unite - Range of Hair Products Unite - 7 Seconds BlowOut Créme 7oz
    Blown Away in 7SECONDS 7SECONDS BlowOut Crème will blow your mind, and your hair. Its blow-controlling formula extends the life of your blowout by eliminating frizz, leaving hair smooth and shiny without buildup. Blow by blow your brush will effortlessly glide through hair, keeping strands protected and perfected for a long-lasting finish. So go on, and blow on, and on, and on.
    • Controls frizz, leaving hair smooth and shiny
    • Provides UV and thermal protection
    • Reduces blow-dry time
    • Extends the life of your blowout
    • Great for all hair types
  • Suitable: For all hair types work though and detangle your hair. 7 Seconds Conditioner leave in Detangler Within 7Seconds your tangles will be gone and your hair will start to feel alive again. Nourished and fortified with the perfect balance of light protein and moisturizer. Sealing the cuticle and protecting your hair all day long. A must for chemically treated hair and as a Uv and thermal protector for all. • Instantly detangles hair • Uv and thermal protector • Locks in color • Repair, protects and strengthens hair. • Free of Parabens and Sodium Chloride Shampoo and condition with your favorite UNITE daily system. Rinse. Towel dry. Spray about 4-6 times throughout your hair. Comb through; do not rinse. Follow with your favorite UNITE styling and finishing products to achieve your desired finished look.
  • Unite - 7 Seconds Shampoo 10oz
    Fall in love in 7SECONDS. This shampoo is exactly what you would expect… brilliant! Be ready for a life changing experience of healthy, MOISTURE enriched hair with beautiful and bouncy SHINE. And not to worry, it will even PROTECT your hair from UV rays, thermal damage and color fading. There’s more! Yes! It’s sulfate, paraben and sodium chloride free.#Fallinlovein7SECONDS
    • Moisturizes for healthy, shiny, silky hair
    • Adds lasting shine
    • Locks in and protects hair color
    • Instant results; for all hair types
    FOR BEST RESULTS: Wet hair, apply, lather, rinse and repeat as necessary. Follow with 7SECONDS™ Conditioner and your favorite UNITE styling products to compliment the system. Available sizes: 10oz  
  • Suitable : For all hair types PROTECTS FROM UV RAYS . Description : Fall in love with this MOISTURE enriched conditioner that is the perfect compliment to 7SECONDS™ Shampoo. Not only will it add brilliant SHINE, it will also PROTECT your hair from UV rays, thermal damage, and colour fading. And of course, it is paraben and sodium chloride free. Weightless and moisture-enriched Adds lasting shine Provides UV and thermal protection Instant results; for all hair types FOR BEST RESULTS: Following 7SECONDS™ Shampoo, apply conditioner from roots to ends. Leave in hair for 1 to 3 minutes as needed. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with your favourite UNITE styling and finishing agents.
  • Unite - Range of Hair Products

    Suitable for:

    Whether your hair is thick or fine, mid to long-length hair. Great with gents hair


    Wanting those beachy, full locks without trying too hard? BEACH Day will give you that feeling in minutes. Full, tousled and very sexy. A hybrid of styling and finishing in one… it’s effortless! • Creates full, tousled, sexy hair • Thickens and builds consistency • Makes beachy, textured waves • Free of Parabens

    How to use:

    Wet use: Mist 6 to 8 inches away into hair. Scrunch with hands. Air-dry or diffuse. Spray on roots for an added lift. Dry use: For added texture, mist throughout dry hair and air-dry or blowdry.
  • Suitable : Vitamin-enriched moisturiser great to keep long lasting condition for coloured hair Description : BLONDA CONDITIONER Hey Blondie, you spend a lot of time and money getting those cool tones and highlights just right. Don't you just hate it when your hair starts to go straw yellow like a stressed out scarecrow having a bad day? BLONDA Condition will lock in the toning of Blonda shampoo and will keep you moisturized and cool . • Locks in pigment and tones from Blonda shampoo • Mosturizes and repairs cuticles •Promotes natrual health and shine • Free of Parabens and Sodium Chloride Wet hair, lather and rinse. DO NOT exceed 60 seconds in hair. Alternate with your favorite UNITE Daily Shampoo as necessary and follow with BLONDA Condition. Achieve your final look using UNITE styling and finishing products.
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